How To Stop Cats From Scratching Furniture?

How To Stop Cats From Scratching Furniture?
You're probably just like most cat owners — terribly upset seeing your furry friend scratching the furniture and then crying out loud, asking why my cat keeps scratching.
Don't be nervous. This guide will explain everything you need and show you our favorite cat scratcher.

Why does a cat scratch?

It's a natural behavior of the cat, just instinctively as humans breathe:
  • Naturally, it soothes its claws.
  • It removes the claw's dead skin layer to maintain nail health.
  • Keep its claws healthy and robust through continuous scratching.
  • An excellent way to alleviate boredom. If the cat is bored and has no scratcher, it might look for other stuff to kill time.


Now that we know why cats like to scratch, how can we solve this problem effectively?
The answer is to give it a cat scratcher with which it will fall in love.

What factors to consider before choosing a cat scratcher?

  • Suitable Size: Since cats are usually used to stretching themselves, the scratcher you choose should ensure an adequate scratching surface and a comfortable resting habitat.
  • Location: Cats tend to scratch in visible areas within the home to establish their dominance. You should choose the best location for the cat scratching post for your own sake.
  • Solid and stable: Cats apply considerable effort to their scratching. So, their scratcher must be strong and dependable enough to endure such crazy use.


What next?

The stylish cat scratching post is valuable for keeping harmony between you and your cat. And I'll recommend two stylish and helpful cat scratchers to solve your worries.
If you're interested in it, click it:
Torii art cat tree with sisal material scratching post
Mount fuji art cat scratcher board made of cardboard corrugated sheet
In closing, you can ensure a happy and scratch-free home by molding a great scratching environment for your cat!


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