Which Scratcher Is The Best For My Cat?

Which Scratcher Is The Best For My Cat?
All of us know that cats and scratching go hand in hand. Therefore, a proper scratcher is vital for cats and cat owners' furniture. In the broad market of scratchers, do you know which kind of cat scratcher is the best match for your cat?
Now, let's dive into the scratcher's world and discover the key to satisfying your cat.

Popular types of scratcher material:


Sisal Rope

  • Pros
      It is widely used for cat scratching posts as it can withstand the constant wear and tear of cat scratching. It has a long service life, even with frequent use. Its texture helps the natural shedding of the outer sheath of cat claws, keeping them sharp and healthy.
  • Cons
      Its downside is that it is usually wrapped around a pole; cats may cause it to become loose and come off with extended use.


Sisal Fabric

  • Pros
      This is an excellent option for cat scratching posts, boasting many of the same benefits as sisal rope. It's highly durable, and cats love the texture. It's also great for cats that prefer horizontal scratching surfaces to posts. Sisal fabric can have patterns, making it more attractive.
  • Cons
      Its downside is that it's more expensive than sisal rope.



  • Pros
      It's a cheap and popular material for making cat scratchers, and it's very affordable, has a texture perfect for scratching, and is easy to replace.
  • Cons
      Its downside is that it wears out quickly, and many complain that it looks less friendly than other options.


Corrugated Cardboard

  • Pros
      This is an upgraded version of the cardboard material. Like sisal fabric, corrugated cardboard panels also have a pleasing feel. Moreover, it makes a great sound when scratched. Cardboards are usually used for flat and angled cat scratchers.
  • Cons
      Its downside is it gives less grip and wears out quicker than sisal materials. And it is more expensive than plain cardboard.


Felt fabric

  • Pros
      This material is comfortable and soft. It also has a long service life, high abrasion resistance, and tear resilience. While scratching, cats prefer to use it as their rest area.
  • Cons
      Its downside is that it quickly gets dirty, while the price is higher. And its durability is lower than that of sisal material.


Which one do cats prefer?

In kitten studies:

  • The preferred scratching item was thick corrugated cardboard. You can see it here if you'd like to see what it looks like.

In adult cat studies:

  • They prefer vertical scratching posts wrapped in sisal rope. You can see it here if you'd like to see what it looks like.


So, we'd suggest you choose the cat scratcher that's appropriate for your cat. After that, if you find your cat is still not using the scratcher you've chosen, don't give up. You can place some reachable things for the cat on the scratcher, such as toys or treats, to encourage the cat to use the scratcher. This trick might do wonders.


What next?

At this time, we can meet your needs. Whether it's a stylish design that blends in perfectly with your home decor or a fun design for active play for your furry friend, our scratchers do it all.
You can watch the carnival circus, travel to retro buildings, and enjoy the Mount Fuji sunset with your furry friend.
Cheers to a harmonious home where your furry friend can happily scratch on the best cat scratcher. You can be sure of a happy and scratch-free home!



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