Why Won't My Cat Drink Water?

Why Won't My Cat Drink Water?
Do you often have to deal with this question: why isn't my cat interested in drinking water? As a responsible owner, ensure your cat drinks enough water to stay healthy.
In this article, we will share some tips and strategies that we hope will maximize your cat's healthy water intake!


Here's why

Environmental Stress

  • Studies have shown that felines can be susceptible to changes in their surroundings, with cats drinking significantly less water when exposed to unfamiliar environments.
  • Relocating or introducing a new animal companion that will change the living environment can cause anxiety in cats.

Physiology and Health

  • According to Prof. Stephen - a biomedical scientist, enzymes in cat saliva help reduce water loss by regulating corticosteroid levels, which reduces the urge to thirst.
  • Certain diseases may also cause your cat to drink less water.
      Conditions like gastroenteritis, pancreatitis, or kidney failure can cause your cat to reduce or stop taking in water.

Picky Preferences

  • Cats are wary of still water because they have poor depth perception and find it difficult to see exactly where the water in their water bowl starts.
      This instinct stems from their ancestry. Cats in the wild usually associate still water with standing water, which is not always safe to drink.
  • So you'll find that cats prefer running water because they feel that's what's fresh and clean.
  • Additionally, cats have a particular preference.
      They will be more inclined to drink from cute water fountains, and the fun appearance of these tends to appeal to them more.

What can we do for cats?

Recommendations from experts

  • Ensure a constant supply of fresh and pristine water, and significantly encourage cats to drink more by engaging them with cute automatic water fountains like this one.
  • Add wet food or more moisture to your cat's meal or bowl.
      If your veterinarian agrees, you can add a nutritious broth to your cat's food, depending on the nutritional content.
      I recommend this 3-in-1 cat bowl, which you can use for water, dry food, and wet food.
We encourage readers to share their experiences regarding enhancing feline hydration and any success stories about innovative products like those provided by ArkPet.
This fosters an enriched community dialogue to advance our cats' well-being and happiness.
We hope they promote healthy living for cats!



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